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    An Overview of Swedish Higher Education and Research 2022

    Anna Lundh (ed.)

    The introductory chapter provides an overall understanding of the Swedish higher education system. We begin with a description of how the present system for higher education and research developed, with focus on some major reforms that defined the development over the last 50 years. We then describe in more detail the current Swedish higher education system, that is to say, the basis for operations at higher education institutions (HEIs). This is followed by a chapter about how Swedish higher education managed the coronavirus pandemic in 2021. The main part of the report describes trends and developments, through data about students, doctoral students, international students, staff, research, funding and the financial operations of the HEIs, in an accessible way for a broad group of readers. The report concludes with a set of tables that show quantitative data for students, doctoral students, staff and funding per higher education institution.




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    Lundh, A. (ed.) 2022. An Overview of Swedish Higher Education and Research 2022. Stockholm: Universitetskanslersämbetets publikationer. DOI: https://doi.org/10.53340/UKAP-6

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    Published on Oct. 12, 2022





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